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Each fun(ctional) game table from District Eight creates a social environment in any space. Incorporate these tables into your home or office. * Friends not included


Work hard, play hard. The District Eight Ping Pong table is both interactive and functional. No matter what your space, the removable net makes it easy to incorporate as a game, meeting or dining table. available in smoked oak & reclaimed wood


Face off with friends. The signature Foosball table is truly a unique piece, designed and engineered to the finest of detail. This finely crafted table with brass accents is the perfect place to gather your friends and family around for game night. available in burnt umber


Meet your match. A classic game with a modern aesthetic, the Shuffleboard table from District Eight brings new life to your party. This unique piece features cast iron machine parts combined with reclaimed hardwood, recycled from renovated colonial era bridges, factories and warehouses in Vietnam. available in 108” & 156” burnt umber

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