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Mad About Marble

In Focus

Explore our curated selection of our marble dining tables, side tables and lighting.

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All Fun And Games

District Eight

Each fun(ctional) game table from District Eight creates a social environment in any space. Incorporate these tables into your home or office.

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The Rust Of The Season

Color Collective

This season, warm up your interior with the rich tones of rust, brick and caramel.

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The Color Collective


This season's collection embraces pattern play and the contrast of color. Rich, natural tones are balanced with the lightness and softness of velour, tutfing, pleating, and quilting. A harmony of color, tone, and texture inspired by the elegance of a natural palette.

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Modern Classics


The Modern Classics collection explores our relationship with form and space through innovative design. We embrace new materials that inspire and propel our evolution towards contemporary sophistication.

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The Elements


This Elements Collection embodies luxury and comfort. Nuevo's focus is on creating products that demand creative spaces. This season is surrounded by comfort, light, color, texture and touch.

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